Why is cleaning your toy important?

Keeping your toy clean and ready is the most important thing about owning a sex toy. There are many reasons that cleaning your toy is so important, one of which is to maintain the high quality of your toy, by doing this you are creating a more lasting and profitable experience with your toy. Also, cleaning your toy regularly means that your sessions are safer and more hygienic.

Maintaining the quality of your toy

As previously discussed, keeping your toy squeaky clean means that your toy will repay the favour. Like anything, if you look after it, it will look after you, sex toys are no different. Given that cleaning your toy is a relatively quick and easy process there is no real need to avoid doing it, even after a heavy, exhausting session. Of course, some toys are easier to maintain than others, for example, dildos and vibrators are seemingly easier to maintain than say a vagina simulation men’s toy, just because of the nature and how these toys are used. Additionally, cleaning and maintaining your toy is also safer and more hygienic. Think of your toy as the real thing, whether it be a penis or a vagina, you wouldn’t touch it if it wasn’t clean and presentable, as shallow as that sounds, its just how it is. When you use your toy, your bodily fluids contaminate the toy with your own bacteria, if the toy is left for a lengthy duration of time and used a second time before being cleaned, you are putting yourself or your partner at risk, as the once harmless bacteria becomes stagnant and nasty.

Different materials how to clean them

Now, all sex toys require different methods of cleaning due to their build and material, as a general guide, any rubber toys that are used should be given the most attention, this is because rubber is pourus and holds bacteria more than other materials. With a rubber toy, you are required to wash the toy thoroughly in warm, soapy water; additionally you could use specialist rubber-toy cleaner. If the toy in question is made of silicone, warm soapy water will suffice just fine, this is because silicone is less porous than rubber, thus meaning that it does not harbour bacteria the same. If the toy is a glass, pyrex or steel unit like a butt plug or dildo then you’re laughing! These toys are the easiest to clean, you can manually clean it in warm soapy water or whack it in the dishwasher for an express clean! Lastly, if you own a lifelike or realistic feel toy then cleaning them is even more essential, the materials used to make a realistic feeling toy (cyber skin, neo skin etc) can be very porous and require appropriate attention. Like the other materials, wash it thoroughly in warm soapy water AND remember to dry, air drying is fine if the environment is suitable and the toy is positioned correctly. Some toy manufactures recommend coating the toy lightly with corn starch to create a less porous and absorbing toy.

Cleaning Fleshlights and other men’s sex toys

Cleaning male sex toys should be approached in the same manner as other toys, in real terms; there is more need to clean a vagina simulator as the user often ejaculates in the toy. Working in this business, I hear a lot of men saying that they would love a toy but frankly can’t be bothered with the hoo hah that comes with cleaning and maintaining the toy. In all honesty, the maintenance process doesn’t have to be painful or gruelling. If your toy is a Fleshlight or another type of vagina simulator, all you need to do is take the sleeve out of the tube, it should just come away with an easy tug (easy now). Once you’ve removed the sleeve you’re going to want to place it in a bowl of warm water, make sure the toy is fully submerged and leave to soak for a good few minutes. Once the toy has soaked, remove the toy from the water and rinse thoroughly through and around the sleeve. Once the toy is clean you want to leave it in a well ventilated area to air dry. Once the toy is dry you can optionally coat lightly with corn flour to help maintain quality.
Signed by Joey