Pornography and Love Making, What’s the deal?

Many women in relationships have a huge issue with their partners watching Porn, whether it be because it promotes an unrealistic body image, or because you simply don’t want your man looking at other women, us girls seem to hate the idea of our fella’s getting off to porno’s, this article is here to help ladies get over their porn problem, and maybe to even help to incorporate it into your love making.

What’s the starting point?

The first step to using Porn to get frisky is to get accept your partner’s interest in porn, sit down and have a chat with your man and let your feelings known, if you keep your feelings quiet then your partner is never going to know how you feel, ask your partner what his sexual desires and fantasies are, often men watch porn to simulate a fantasy that they wish to have done to them, if you as a lover can understand his fantasies then you could possibly act them out and give you both a pleasant sexual experience.

What’s the next step?

The next stage for many couples is to actually watch the film; possibly understanding his reasons for why he likes the porno’s so much, after extensive research we’ve found that couples tend to critique the films rather than actually get off to them, people then described a growing lust for their significant other which then lead to as some put it “the best sex of their life” , I think that using porn as a sexual aid could actually improve your love life rather than harm it which what was previously suggested. Wat how the professionals do it could really aid your technique and potentially could improve your results in the bedroom.
What happens once I am comfortable watching Porn with my partner?

Once you have taken the time and are comfortable with what you’re viewing then it is very important to keep things fresh, view new videos, watch new actors/actresses do their thing, pick new categories just to keep things up to date, also don’t do anything you don’t want to do, the worst thing that can happen once you become content with watching porn is doing something you’re not happy with and you losing interest, you’re partner will hopefully understand what you’re experiencing and will support you fully.

What will the effects be on my sex life after i start?

Depending on the results of your experiment your sex life will change a lot, if you become satisfied with the content that you’re watching then hopefully your sex life will become better, incorporating positions that you’ve seen in the films to your sexual routine, this will in turn allow you to become more comfortable with your body and explore your body a lot more. Whatever the results only ever do whats comfortable and what makes you happy, the end goal is to get pleasure on both parts not just one, happy love making!

Signed by Katie x