A bit about role play

Role play is a great fun way to explore with your partner, you can think your partner is the most amazing, hottest person alive but eventually things can become routine, mixing a bit of role play with your occasional sex session can help keep things alive and spicy. Some people believe that role play might just be for those who want to explore a fetish, this couldn’t be more wrong! It is true that people can and do have a fetish for role play but that doesn’t mean it is only limited to those people, even if you don’t share the fetish, role play can be tons of fun.

Why role play?

You can enjoy all types of role play, there is no need for limits in fantasy. Anything that you’ve ever fantasied about can become reality as long as you have a willing partner. If you think there’s something you might be into why not give it a go, one lady fantasied about her gardener getting all dirty doing manual labor and requested her clean and proper husband role play as the gardener one day , this unlocked a whole new way of sex and the couple claimed they hadn’t orgasmed like that in years.

First steps

Here are some of the most popular types of role play for those of you just starting out or wanting fresh ideas:
• The Repair man
Need something fixing ladies?
• Professor/Student
It’s never to late to learn something new.
• Stripper
Nothing like a sexy lap dance to start things off.
• The porn star
Why not re-enact your favorite scenes
• Cheerleader and the Football player
I’m sure you can score a touchdown.
• The dominant and the submissive
Why not just let go?
• Your favourite movie.
Why not role play your favourite actors
• The fireman.
Anyone need saving?
• Masseuse
Lay back relax and enjoy
• Royalty and the servant
Why not let yourself be served like royalty?
• Doctor and the nurse/patient
Cliche? Maybe. Fun? Definitely
• Boss and the employee

Next steps

If you want to take your role play to a new level why not incorporate wigs into the picture, this really lets you dress as a whole new character, if this is to much you could try something as little as putting your hair a new way makes a world of difference. Try meeting each other in a random place, use fake names and take each other home as complete strangers, maybe a one night stand.

Singed by Beth.