Sexual terms of slang

In this vast world we call the world of sex, there is somewhat of an additional language full of terms and slurs used to describe sexual acts, sometimes vulgar in nature! Regardless of what the terms mean, they make for a good laugh and quite the squirm for the reader.

Get ready for delving into the depth of urban slang and be ready for when one of these is thrown at you.
For the most part, these terms are often pretty nasty, and they aren’t terms that you would use on a daily if you get my drift, soggy biscuit isn’t something you could just slip into conversation with ease… So, what is a soggy biscuit? Prepare yourselves, this could get messy, so, you’re kicking back with your friends and one of them asks, shall we play soggy biscuit? Upon group agreement, a digestive biscuit is placed in the middle of the group, then all members congregate around the biscuit and begin masturbating simultaneously in a race to see who can cum quickest. Everyone is required to cum on the biscuit, and the last one in the group to do it then has to submit to the forfeit of eating the coated biscuit. Sounds fun right? Perhaps not my idea of the perfect Saturday night but hey, each to their own…

There are some terms that aren’t quite as vulgar or shocking, for example, the Pac man is a term that is used to describe a quite normal act in lovemaking. To do the Pac man, one has to insert anal beads into their partner’s anus, then they remove the beads one by one with their mouth, so, not too bad compared with the first one right? That’s the thing with these terms; you really don’t know what they mean until its way too late, and most of the time you had wished that you had never found out in the first place!

Now, there are set games that lovers can engage in that are not vulgar or schocking, and could be fun to play with a partner, a simple one to start this off is a game called ‘I win’, in this game, the rules are as simple as can be, the one who cums first wins! Another, less intense game is ‘XXX marks the spot’, this is where the partner, usually the women will think of a spot on her body without telling the man, this man has to then guess where this spot it, he marks the spot with a kiss, once he kisses the s pot that the women was thinking of, he’s won! So, it isn’t all doom and gloom with the sex slurs, as there is a lot of fun to be had with the games and challenges that they present.

Of course, these games are intended for couples but can easily be carried out in a group if thats your thing, in the US, sex games are a huge hit with fraternity houses and the likes. A well documented game played by college students in the US is a game called ‘pick a card’. This game is a light but intense take on spin the bottle. One member of the group pulls a card and dependant on what the card is, they perform a sex act on the person sat next to them, the number on the card signifies how long they are required to do it for, one example of this would be the 10 of hearts, this would require the person who drew the card to kiss the person on the left for 10 seconds, and the cards get a bit more serious as the game goes on, but yeah, you get the jist.

So, sexual terms and slang is fun and edgy, you never know what the next term means, and you’d often feel that it is better that way, however, there is some fun to be had in this crazy, crazy world of sex.

Signed by Joey