Finding the right sex toy
For a guy, using a butt plug takes some getting used to but once you are anally enlightened you will not go back. For your entire heterosexual life, you have been the one who has penetrated so switching roles feels unnatural but did you know, your prostate can be stimulated too and the orgasm is enhanced amazingly through prostate stimulation. It is really quite surprising how many couples after purchasing such products look back and think how many years were wasted before they discovered simply how many pleasure giving nerve endings are packed around the anus, including men’s ones too. For ladies, our range of butt plugs come in different sizes so there will be one which is right and comfortable for you. Sporting a butt plug during lovemaking will make your vagina tighter and increase sensation for both of you.

Finding the right sex toy

Pornography and Love Making, What’s the deal
Pornography and Love Making, What’s the deal? Many women in relationships have a huge issue with their partners watching Porn, whether it be because it promotes an unrealistic body image, or because you simply don’t want your man looking at other women, us girls seem to hate the idea of […]

Pornography and Love Making, What’s the deal ?

sex toy statistics
Intro Data is fun, especially when it’s to do with our favourite subject, sex toys. Pure velvet has been delving deep into the statistics of sex toys to find out what makes people tick and what really sells in the sex industry and just how big or small the figures […]

Sex toy figures

Sexual terms of slang In this vast world we call the world of sex, there is somewhat of an additional language full of terms and slurs used to describe sexual acts, sometimes vulgar in nature! Regardless of what the terms mean, they make for a good laugh and quite the […]

Urban sex terms and slang

Your first sex toy
Your first sex toy and how it can prepare you for the real thing I hear a lot of young people, mostly girls who are very much on the fence about sex toys, of course, if you are virgin you have nothing to compare to, so sex isn’t really a […]

Your first sex toy

Pure velvets top 5 sex toys
“Cherish” Deluxe Range Vibrator The Cherish is a top of the range vibrator found in our Deluxe range category, it has a strong 6 speeds that vary greatly for a totally customisable orgasm, this lets you take your time and relax while you lay back and enjoy the Cherish or […]

Top 5 Pure Velvet sex toys (in no order)

Cleaning your sex toy
Why is cleaning your toy important? Keeping your toy clean and ready is the most important thing about owning a sex toy. There are many reasons that cleaning your toy is so important, one of which is to maintain the high quality of your toy, by doing this you are […]

Cleaning your sex toy

Intro The birth of sex toys is a tricky subject, no one can really determine when or how they came about, but one thing that is pretty certain with sex toys is that the first sex toys were somewhat similar to the dildos that we see today, the toys made […]

Sex toys and men

role play in sex toys
A bit about role play Role play is a great fun way to explore with your partner, you can think your partner is the most amazing, hottest person alive but eventually things can become routine, mixing a bit of role play with your occasional sex session can help keep things […]

Role play in sex

Sex toys and impotence Introduction Erectile dysfunction is a relatively common but serious issue for those who are affected by ED. After seeing a physician or doctor, it does absolutely no harm to seek help in non-medical methods, in this example; Sex toys. Erectile Dysfunction and Sex toys You wouldn’t […]

Sex toys and impotence

Become a PureVelvet Partner It is a simple as that! A recent scheme we started in December was a partner scheme and there a likeminded ladies out there earning £35 per hour while having fun. If this sounds too good to be true let’s explain how it works….   As […]


Top 10 Crazy sex facts
1. The oldest found dildo dates back 26,000 years (23,000BC) It was discovered in a cave in Germany, goes to show that our ancestors we’re way ahead of us when it came to sex toys! Dildos 2. Unlike most other products, sex toys benefit from economic recessions and sales actually go up. People also buy more sex toys around Valentine’s Day and sales for bondage and S&M kits skyrocketed after the release of 50 shades of grey.

Top 10 crazy facts about sex toys

begginers sex toy tips
Beginners sex toy tips Introduction For many people just like you buying and using your first sex toy can be daunting. In the olden days (pre Internet) you would also have to visit a shop but, thanks to the Internet, the cringe factor has been removed making a huge boom […]

Beginners sex toy tips

Sex Toys for Couples
The rise of the sex toy industry Introducing sex toys into a couples’ love life is becoming more and more mainstream. A reflection of this is how most women have been to (or at least been invited to) a sex toy party at some point throughout their adult life. In […]

How to incorporate sex toys into love making

masturbation. A sticky subject
Masturbation- good for the soul Masturbation is a fun hobby which almost everyone does but very few share. Reasons for our embarrassment are quite complex and perhaps a discussion for another time but it is worth mentioning that here, whenever we get a new member to the team giggles sweep […]

Masturbation- a sticky subject

History of sex toys
The Beginning The history of sex toys began a staggering 26,000 years ago (23,000 BC). It seems our ancestors were light years ahead of us when it came to sexual pleasure! To talk in terms of priorities, agriculture came 13,000 years after the oldest known dildo, an eight inch stone […]

History of Sex Toys

feel the differance
Your body matters and so we invite you to feel the difference a high quality adult toy can make to your life. Every detail of our dildos and adult toys is there to enhance your sexual arousal. To explain deeper, each curve, bump and raise on whichever adult toy is personal […]

Feel the difference