Masturbation- good for the soul

Masturbation is a fun hobby which almost everyone does but very few share.

Reasons for our embarrassment are quite complex and perhaps a discussion for another time but it is worth mentioning that here, whenever we get a new member to the team giggles sweep the office but after a while the topic of masturbation becomes an open one until a visitor or new team member causes us all to revert to red cheeked giggles at the photos and descriptions once more.

Reasons why masturbation is good for the soul

It is a fact that therapists will “prescribe” masturbation from time to time for various reasons. The benefits the sexual therapist have seen in their clients include things such as:

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    Improving sexual health and openness inside relationships

  • Discover fantasies which are pleasing
  • Becoming familiar with solo masturbation and then move to mutual masturbation and achieve orgasm more often during lovemaking
  • Moving to Mutual masturbation to add an extra layer of trust and intimacy to sex
  • Inside the world of Mental Health there is a widely held theory that masturbation can help with depression
  • Many therapists believe masturbation can lead to a higher self-esteem.

Solo Masturbation

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For men, good news. Masturbation does not make you go blind if you use one of our Fleshlight’s. It is also true that it does not make you go blind if you simply use your hand either.

Not only can you relax about not going blind, masturbation also lowers the chance of prostate cancer too. The reasons for this are just theory to the scientists involved but the favourite one follows the same logic as to why breast feeding lowers cancer risk. Seminal fluid is made up of various chemicals extracted from the bloodstream (potassium, zinc, citric acid etc.) and it is possible that if left, carcinogenic build up inside the prostrate. A good wank empties the system and flushes it all out preventing a long term build up. So you heard it guys, our products are not only psychologically good, there also good for you! Read the full BBC News article

Mutual masturbation

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Masturbation inside a relationship is extremely useful where one partner enjoys sex a lot more than the other. Masturbation brings balance to the relationship making a closer, more fun relationship in the bedroom

Introducing masturbation into your love life provides some amazing benefits. You know your body and all the complicated ways you use to provide pleasure. Your partner will have, in comparison, a very crude map of the pleasure giving “toys” Mother nature blessed you with.

Masturbating together as part of your lovemaking will close this knowledge gap and help your partner fine tune their techniques to please you fully, faster and more expertly. It also opens up many possibilities too; many fantasies exist which are confined to being talked about in the bedroom due t/shop/having full intercourse. Sex in a secluded public location for example. Learning to please each other or learning to openly masturbate in front of your loved one will of course open up more possibilities but remember to stay safe.

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Another example, if you’re a woman or man who enjoys being dominated in private bedroom scenarios pleasing yourself is not going to fit the role you play leaving just the intercourse as the sole source of sexual pleasure. After mutual masturbation, your partner can force you to be turned on “against your will” while rubbing you with their trained hands. Makes the submissive scenario more pleasing and passable for both!

As well as enhancing fantasies learning to please a loved one has other uses too. Sometimes you both need a quick release! Only through familiarising one’s self with one’s body or a partners body can this be achieved. Quickies will result in orgasm for all involved.

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