Data is fun, especially when it’s to do with our favourite subject, sex toys. Pure velvet has been delving deep into the statistics of sex toys to find out what makes people tick and what really sells in the sex industry and just how big or small the figures actually are.

How much actually sells

Sex toys are a massive market, it seems the more time goes on the more socially acceptable sex toys become and the more they sell. Even we was surprised by our findings for how much sex toys actually sell and how much money is spent on toys every single year, so let’s get to it how much actually goes on sex toys each and every year, most recent statistics suggest that over 15.2 billion dollars every single year goes towards toys… that’s a whole lot of pleasure if you ask me!

What are the best sellers?

Now we all know how much cash is getting put on toys it gets us wondering where all the money goes, is it all on vibrators? What about the up and coming Fleshlights? Well we found some data to get rid of all rumours and take away the guessing and again you might find the results aren’t exactly what you’d think them to be.

To start it was no massive surprise to us as a business that vibrators are the top of the food chain taking up a massive 19.2% of all sex toy sales, vibrators have so many variations meaning one can be found for almost anyone wanting to buy, they are versatile in their abilities to please and help reach orgasm. Just behind is the rubber penis, that’s pretty much everything dildo… it comes in at 16% which might surprise some people but dildos are a very big seller for both males and females.

Let’s get onto the next sex product that isn’t even a toy but surprisingly takes up a lot of sales, your lubricants are coming up to 14% of the sex industry sales and rightfully so, lube is such a fantastic thing and provides a great enhancement for both sexes. Following behind is anal toys, some people aren’t into anal but those that are really show it with a 12% of total sales!

Then we’ve got our rubber vaginas, that’s fleshlights which is fairly new product in the sex industry but seems to be doing very well for itself in such a short amount of time, with its latest innovations like the pornstar fleshlights it’s really no shock that it’s doing so fantastically well with all the backing and new inventions all the time, it’s coming upto a nice 8.5% of total sex industry sales.

Then we get onto a bit of play and fun for the rest of the sex industry sales, bondage is a massive fetish for many people and so popular so it’s no surprise that its bondage that takes up nearly the rest of the sales then you have your harness strap ons with 4% and other products with 4.5%.

Counties mad about sex

Which counties google sex the most? It seems the United States is at the top of the chart followed closely behind the United Kingdom then South Africa, Trinidad and Tobago, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Jamaica, Sri Lanka and lastly Czech Republic.

Concluding statistics

Final statistics found by pure velvet are some of the most interesting bullet pointed below:

Percent of adults globally who have used sex toys during sex 23 %
Percent of adults who reported kinky play, including using masks, blindfolds, or bondage 20 %
Percent of men who have reported using a vibrator 20 %
Percent of women between ages 18 and 60 who have used a sex toy 44 %
Percent of women who were in their 20s when they first tried a sex toy 50 %
Percent of women who masturbate with a sex toy at least once a week 12 %
Country with highest percent of vibrator ownership – New Zealand 38 %

This shows that sex toys really are for everyone no matter the age or gender, sex toys can be enjoyed by all!
Signed by beth