A buyers guide

Couples- where to start

A little about butt plugs and prostate massagers

Prostate Massage anal butt plugg anus stopper

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For a guy, using a butt plug takes some getting used to but once you are anally enlightened you will not go back. For your entire heterosexual life, you have been the one who has penetrated so switching roles feels unnatural but did you know, your prostate can be stimulated too and the orgasm is enhanced amazingly through prostate stimulation.
It is really quite surprising how many couples after purchasing such products look back and think how many years were wasted before they discovered simply how many pleasure giving nerve endings are packed around the anus, including men’s ones too.
For ladies, our range of butt plugs come in different sizes so there will be one which is right and comfortable for you. Sporting a butt plug during lovemaking will make your vagina tighter and increase sensation for both of you.

Magic wands

Magic Wand massage clitoris sex toy

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Magic wands are another popular product which many do not think of as a first purchase. An interesting and fun fact is that magic wands were first invented for soothing aching muscles but it was not too long before somebody somewhere discovered their useful dual purpose!

Not only are magic wands great for couples, they are amazing for solo masturbation too. To illustrate these powerful devices there has been some amazing fascinating research done. A recent one was conducted in 2008 where 500 women who struggle to reach orgasm were given a magic wand. The results were amazing and heart-warming too. Over 93% orgasmed. For some, it was their first orgasm too. To see the research, click this link. A magic wand can be used during lovemaking without impeding the man’s movements and is an extremely powerful tool for achieving mutual orgasms and sharing a very special moment. The description on our adult toys all include a sex tips section.

An introduction into S&M

fantasy S&M Bondage sex kink fetish

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If you want to enhance lovemaking our fetish and fantasy range include some fun ideas to enhance your sex life. For most, S&M is never heavy nor involves pain but wearing an eye mask and perhaps some light restraints really lead to some amazing sex! For safety, there are no locks and keys involved in many of our products but our restraints are extremely comfortable yet still allow you to enjoy submissive sex.

Men’s sex toys

fleshlight pussy cup vagina sex toy

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Gentlemen, check our sex toys for him collection. Our fleshlights are made of high quality great feeling material and
your penis will really feel the difference. Many fleshlights have a beautifully textured inside too and if you have a favourite porn star our range includes the favourites too, moulded from their actual anatomy. If you like the fresh girl-next-door look, check our Tori Black fleshlight and use while watching this natural beauty in action. Our Jesse Jane fleshlight is also hugely popular too.

All the single ladies

There is a wide variety of toys especially designed for you to enjoy. A little about the features of each is below….


Dildo penis realistic sex toy

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To see our range of dildos, click here… Dildos provide some powerful visual imagery and the real feel texture is very important to provide the perfect amount of friction while the latest in material design means effortless gliding at the same time. If you like the idea of seeing a real lifelike penis sliding into your pussy in the size of your choice, then dildos are a great option. Some even stick on, and are waterproof. Your bath times will never be the same again!


Vibrators stimulation clitoris g spot

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If you like the idea of enjoying a sex toy designed entirely for sexual enjoyment, then our amazing range of vibrators is the place to go.
Whichever you choose, know that the stimulation these things give is amazing and with different speed and movement settings, some vibrators include over 60 ways to achieve orgasm from the one product; making it perhaps the only product you ever need to purchase!
USB charging is an extremely useful feature and there are many low noise, USB charging waterproof vibrators to choose from too.

Clitoral stimulators

Clit stimulator pleasure

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Our range of clitoral stimulators come in many different shapes and size and are very subtle in appearance too. These provide mind-blowing clitoris stimulation and adjustable settings also mean a variety of ways to cum too.


We have a wide range of products to suit your needs and before each adult toy makes it to this site an amazing attention to detail has been done. This means a no risk purchase where you will get the best quality, amazing reliability and perfect design too.
I hope you found this guide to buying a sex toy useful and sincerely hope you have lots of fun with your new toy. Shop now by clicking this link….
Written by Joanne