Your first sex toy and how it can prepare you for the real thing

I hear a lot of young people, mostly girls who are very much on the fence about sex toys, of course, if you are virgin you have nothing to compare to, so sex isn’t really a big part of your life yet. With this in mind, young girls could argue that using a sex toy will get them ready for the real thing.

Is it a good idea to start on toys as a woman?

There are both pros and cons to using a toy while being a virgin. If you are a woman who is nervous or apprehensive when thinking about your first time, it could be a good idea to prepare yourself physically and mentally. When you are a virgin, your vagina is tighter and the entrance is usually, but not always covered in a small flap of skin known as the hymen, now i say not always because frequent users of tampons will not have a hymen as the tampons have penetrated past it. Physical reasons aside, using sex toys could be perceived as a great way for preparing yourself for sex, more often than not, virgins, both male and female are very nervous or scared before encountering their first sexual experience. Anxiety and fear are completely natural feelings experienced by virgins and those experiencing anxiety should try and not let this affect them too much, after all, your first time is a huge life experience that you will remember forever, (hopefully)! The most important thing to think about is the which toy is the right toy for you, if you are after something that simulates a penis and sex, then a lifelike, small to medium sized dildo should do the trick, this allows for you to somewhat feel what a penis is like and how it feels during penetration. Having said this, you may want something that both simulates real sex while providing a little extra in the pleasure department. If this fits your bill, you should think about implementing a vibrator or bullet to your regime. A simple, medium sized vibe will allow you to simulate sex, whilst the intense the vibrations will provide you with extra pleasure and comfort, allowing you to gage what works for you in terms of getting off. This will increase your confidence massively in the way that you know what works for you, and you don’t have to stress as much about it when it comes to the real thing.

Could sex toys help men get prepared?

Similarly, young men may face the same issues and worries as their female counterparts experience; again, this is completely natural and is not to be ignored. In order for you to enjoy your first experience, you need to be relaxed, confident and complacent in your own ability. In a recent poll, around 55% of young men said that they experienced performance anxiety influenced ED on their first time, however, don’t try and let this put you off as there are ways to reduce the chance of this happening beforehand. The nerves and anxiety could vary in individuals for many reasons, it really depends on who it is you are engaging with, if your partner is a boyfriend or girlfriend then there is likely to be more anxiety and apprehension than if you were to have sex with someone who you was not as close with. If you’re a young lad who is wondering how you can prepare for the big moment, the main thing you need to work on is stamina, stamina is crucial as along with performance anxiety come premature ejaculation. As you’re yet to feel a real vagina, the penis will be very sensitive, and the nerves really don’t help this fact. One thing that can be done is to train yourself into lasting longer, an easy and quick way to see fast results is to simply make your masturbation sessions last longer, while keeping the intensity up. Try and make your sessions last at least 20 minutes, and try and work on this number over time. In terms of toys for a young lad to use there are a few that could be useful. One is the infamous Fleshlight, this is a sex simulation toy that is shaped and textured to be like a real vagina, thus making this the most realistic intercourse experience that a man can experience in a toy. With a toy like this, you are able to perform and prepare like you would with the real thing, additionally you are able to train yourself in a more efficient way as appose to normal masturbation. Also, toys like this are a whole bunch of fun and bring immense amounts of pleasure to the user.

Signed by Joey