The birth of sex toys is a tricky subject, no one can really determine when or how they came about, but one thing that is pretty certain with sex toys is that the first sex toys were somewhat similar to the dildos that we see today, the toys made by primitive man were mostly penis replicas or items that simulated intercourse, this of course means that sex toys were invented for use on women. This comes as a bit of a surprise when you take into account that sex was not always a pleasurable experience for women, this leads us to believe that the sex toys used on the women in days gone by were solely used to indirectly pleasure the man.

Male sex toys on the rise

So what is it about sex toys and men? In the last generation, sex toys boomed in around the 1970s or 1980s. Even with the boom, sex toys for men were not featured or advertised, with vibrators and dildos taking the main stage. As sex toys became even more socially acceptable amongst women society warmed to the idea. Regarding men and sex toys, even in today’s world, men who use sex toys are judged differently somewhat, often they are seen as creeps or sex pests. This restraint played its part with men’s sex toys being virtually absent from the market for the most of its history. Now, fortunately we live in a more open and accepting society, thus meaning that male sex toys are undoubtedly on the rise, let’s get a big hooray for that right?!

About the toys

The first male sex toys that were used were probably intended for women, dildos and vibrators, although designed for women can be used in similar ways. Dildos and vibrators can be easily used for prostate stimulation and gay sex simulation, for this reason, vibes and dildos began being used by men frequently. With men already using sex toys the industry caught on, creating toys that are catered only for the man. The first of which was a prostate stimulator, much like a vibrator in the way that it stimulates sensitive areas with intense vibrations. The prostate massager is shaped and curved in a way that it concaves onto the prostate, where as a vibrator or dildo is made to replicate more of a penis shape. With the prostate massager proving popular amongst men, the market for male sex toys expanded further, with the introduction of vagina replication sex toys shortly following. Vagina replication sex toys appear as a long, usually black flashlight like tube, with one end silicone formed in the shape and feel of a realistic vagina, the long tube like structure allows for deep penetration with the penis, more often than not the inside of the tube is lined or ribbed to simulate a real vagina further. One company excelled in producing male sex toys, calling themselves Fleshlight, the company features hundreds of different types of vagina simulator, with different porn star vaginas or vaginal ‘styles’ produced. This ability to replicate specific vaginas is a winner when producing male sex toys, as it is no secret that men, especially single enjoy watching porn, with most men who watch porn regularly able to identify their ‘favourite’ porn star. Fleshlight are able to replicate porn star’s vaginas by taking a mould of the vagina and surrounding areas, they then produce the mould in silicone, personalizing the tightness and feel in reference to the porn star.

The conclusion

Even today, male sex toys are often thought to be used predominately by gay men, this does not have to be the case. Of course, before male sex toys were really a ‘thing’, men who seeked pleasure in toys had to do so by using sex toys intended for women, this meant that dildos and vibrators were the sole toy for men. In contemporary society, prostate massagers and the like are not made to replicate a penis or anything of the sort; they are just shaped and modelled for efficiency and pleasure. On the contrary, male sex toys are also great to use with a partner, gay or straight.
Signed by Joey