Beginners sex toy tips


For many people just like you buying and using your first sex toy can be daunting. In the olden days (pre Internet) you would also have to visit a shop but, thanks to the Internet, the cringe factor has been removed making a huge boom to the industry. Today, the majority of sex toy trading is online providing total discretion and accurate descriptions of the sex toys you’re looking at without the intimidation of asking.

Which sex toy is right for me?

With such a huge range when you explore our site you will probably discover sex toys which you never knew existed!
To explain, every product does something a little different but for ease they are usually put into separate categories. Everyone’s different and while your friends may rave about a certain product like a vibrator, personally you might be more into a magic wand… It might seem like a lot to think about, but worry not, it’s not nearly as complicated as it sounds, so let’s go down the list so you can get a feel for each type of product and what their aimed at.

Our sex toy rage explained


Ride Dildo

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Where better to start than with the humble but highly effective Dildos? These are specially designed to give you internal stimulation not unlike a real penis and a great alternative for actual PIV sex. To give even more lifelike sensation, some come with a suction base for ease of use where others can vibrate just for that little extra stimulation. Another popular masturbation technique you may enjoy is to double up a dildo with some sort of vibrator for a combination of internal and external pleasure, which brings us nicely onto our next category.


Joy contemporary vibrator dlido Box curve

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Ahh the vibrators. For many, every girl’s best friend right? The Vibrator sex toys are the ones you’ve probably heard the most about as they have such a wide variety and all do such different things. Let’s try to keep this as simple as possible though but remember, if you need more info we love to chat so send us a Facebook message at We are really responsive and even after hours you will probably get a quick reply before a live chat.
Good Vibrators as the name states, deliver very pleasurable vibrations to your most intimate areas at a pace and method finely tuned to your body. The vibrator will guide you through the orgasm process as gently or as intense as you please.
As well as variable speed and vibration vibrators also come with curves in all the right places to reach all the sweet spots. This makes them particularly well suited for finding and stimulating your G-Spot. Others come with clitoral nubs attached usually with a whole separate motor meaning separate settings which is perfect if you fancy the feeling of penetration partnered with clitoral stimulation. Studies suggest that women over 40 prefer a little extra power in their vibrators whereas younger women require much less stimulation and power.

Clitoral Stimulators and magic Wands

Pixie Mains powered magic wand feminine

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The clitoris is your own amazing gift. It is truly the only human organ designed exclusively for nothing but pleasure. To really see what your gift can do choosing a product from the Clitoral Stimulator range is a great first (or next) step. They are also suited for couples as the clit stimulators can also be used during PIV sex. This also helps all involved enjoy orgasm at the same time.
The magic Wands are a great option for taking advantage of your clit. They stand apart from other sex toys as they were originally designed for physiotherapists to sooth aching muscles as a pose to provide sexual pleasure. Magic wands are known to be extremely customisable and powerful and the single unit design wands can also give internal stimulation too. The bigger wands can be plugged straight into a wall for use meaning it uses 240 volts as opposed to 9. As you can imagine, this allows the magic wand to reach great levels of power and you only have to worry about power cuts interrupting your “me time” as a pose to running out of battery.

Sex toys for men and Women

Butt Plugs

Dr Johnstone Silver Butt Plug (1)

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Butt plugs are good fun for both females and males but in some cases (more so with Gentlemen) take a bit of getting used to. For females, butt plugs can feel very enjoyable and when applied during actual sex they can make the vagina feel tighter which is great for both parties.
For men the butt plugs can come in certain shapes and depending upon your internal makeup as well as stimulating the pleasure giving nerve endings in and around the Anus the plug can help with prostate massage which is great for male stimulation and those that try it speak very highly.

Sex toys for Men

More and more men are discovering how using a sex toy gives a more comfortable and pleasurable experience. Imagine the difference between a smooth soft yet tight silicone sheath giving full contact with your penis as a pose to the traditional hand or the extra benefit of direct prostrate stimulation while you masturbate.


Chloe Fleshlight (6)

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The Fleshlight is simple enough in design and built to feel amazing. They are a great buy for most men. What a lot of people love about the Fleshlights isn’t just its real feel or shape, they are great for stamina training for actual sex, they are great practice for the big game so to speak and can help men train their senses to last longer during actual intercourse. Fleshlights come in a variety of types to suit your preference whether you fancy anything from vagina to oral.
What’s truly amazing is that if you fancy a truly real feel experience, we have a range of Fleshlights designed straight from your favourite Pornstars and constructed from moulds of their intimate parts with amazing attention to detail.

So what’s it like to use a Fleshlight

The soft silicone embraces you fully and pulls your foreskin right back. Pressing down against your pelvis during use and at the moment of ejaculation instinctively leads to a more powerful orgasm and a few extra more intense spurts for many too. Cleaning is easy too, just run it through with water after use.
The only downside to using a Fleshlight is that if you like to see the ejaculation it requires a lot of willpower to withdraw. For that purpose, we have a transparent one! Best of both worlds.
The interior of the Fleshlight on some models is not just smooth but has a texture to it designed especially for your pleasure.
To use the Fleshlight, simple add as little or much lubricant as you desire and loose yourself in fantasy or porn while letting the Fleshlight do the work.

Prostate massagers

The prostate massager is the male vibrator and designed specifically for internal use. Its shape and contour will help with finding your male G spot, the prostate, cruelly buried 2 or so inches inside you.

What is it like using a prostate massager?

Horseshoe Prostate massager shaped

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If you’re like many men, it may take one or two times before you get over the feeling of “This is wrong”
Once you accept your new sex toy work on finding your prostate. It is described by some as prostate milking because you may actually cum without touching but for the full experience, using the prostate massager yourself or getting a loved one to use it will add a totally new dimension to the process of ejaculation and masturbation.
Hopefully, with a little work, you will be able to locate your prostate quite quickly and the orgasm will be deeper, with more intense pulses and as you cum you will clamp down on your prostate massager providing anal pleasure too. Frequent users report that there deepest, messiest and most satisfying orgasms were when using a prostate massager with a more profound refractory period.
Reports and feedback we have heard too seem to use comparisons, like it is the difference between watching TV to going to the cinemas and enjoying the same movie on a huge 3D screen with surround sound.

Signed by Beth