The Calypso Magic Wand

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At just over 21cm in length this is a more portable sized body wand.

USB rechargeable and waterproof, featuring  7 speed vibration modes.

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The ‘magic wand’  believe it or not was originally invented to sooth aching muscles but it was not too long before its dual purpose feature became apparent! Since then the design has evolved to create these sexual pleasure-giving devices, fine-tuned to your body.

This particular magic wand is beautifully contoured and made from medical grade silicone and ABS plastic.

You can stimulate yourself externally all over your body, but the single mould construction allows you to use internally too. The vibration is very powerful yet quiet. Being waterproof and USB rechargeable makes this a great companion to have in your bedside cabinet!


• Material: Medical silicone +ABS
• Colour: Pink & White
• Speed mode: 7 speed
• Waterproof, built-in battery
• Size: 25 x 215mm
• Package size: 220 x 100 x 60mm
• Net weight: 210g

This product does not come with full charge.

3 reviews for The Calypso Magic Wand

  1. hillary (verified owner)

    very good product to have bought myself and my partner works very well and is suitable to take around with me (if covered up with me) the product his chargeable so i dont have to keep purchasing batteries and new toys this has changed my sex life up in general and now me and my partner enjoy our sex lives alot more than we used to 🙂

    • Beth

      Hillary, happy to know that the Calypso has made yours and your partners sex life more enjoyable, its amazing what throwing some toys into the mix can do eh? :p

  2. Janet (verified owner)

    The Calypso magic wand is one of my favourite products ever, the vibrating speed is quick but quiet which allows you to reach climax whilst also not disturbing anyone in the house.

    • Beth

      Good to hear Janet, we pride ourselves on how quiet our products are, nice to hear you’re happy.

  3. Nastynat (verified owner)

    Very nice wand, love using this with the hubby can make me orgasm very well and has even made me squirt a bit, its surprisingly quiet for its power as well which doesn’t really matter for me but thought others might find that fact pretty useful.

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