The Doc Broadhurst Medium Butt Plug

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Explore the pleasures of anal play with this medium sized plug. For males,females, homosexuals and heterosexuals alike!

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For extra sensation, the Doc Broadhurst medium-sized butt plug makes for a good choice.

It is 35mm in diameter and can enhance lovemaking or masturbation in many different ways. Your anus is packed with pleasure-giving nerve endings just waiting to be discovered. For women, the medium sized butt plug serves to make the vagina feel tighter during intercourse for the man, while adding a more intense pleasure for you.

For the guys, you too are blessed with a hole full of pleasure-giving nerve endings which, tragically, for many heterosexual men, go undiscovered! Enhancing lovemaking and masturbation with a butt plug not only increases pleasure but, if you’re lucky, they can also stimulate your prostate leading to a totally explosive orgasm.


  • Material: Medical grade silicone
  • Smooth and firm to the touch
  • Easy to clean
  • Waterproof
  • 35mm diameter
  • Coloured gem on base
  • Weight: 80g

3 reviews for The Doc Broadhurst Medium Butt Plug

  1. Kelly (verified owner)

    Snug fit fills me up nicely, tightens my vagina up to for when im with the bf, seems to make everything more sensitive big fan of the softer butt plugs and this suits my needs perfectly.

  2. gaga (verified owner)

    Really good plug, fit nicely in my anus, not as big as i expected maybe i should of gone for the large plug but still did the job none the less and filled me up nicely.

  3. Carol Yeadon (verified owner)

    Third and final toy, got this butt plug to make me feel tighter for my man, and judging by his reactions i think it worked 😉 For me it doesn’t hurt or anything, it kinda feels nice when were really into a sex session. with a bit of lube and time this plug slides right in and fits nicely. Husband loves filling me up with this, he pulls it out only to push it back in again lol

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