Tri-Orb Anal Beads

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This fully waterproof toy is great for beginners to experiment with. It has increasingly sized beads and a T-shaped handle for easy control.

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This triple-beaded anal toy has increasingly sized globes and a convenient handle for ultimate control.

From small, to medium, to large allowing you to take your time getting used to it. Use with plenty of water based lubricant for a pleasurable experience. It has a wide base to safely stop it from going further than intended!

A hybrid of anal beads and a butt plug, the Tri-Orb is made from silicone and has a smooth comfortable texture.

Although suitable for both male and female pleasure, the shaft has a slight curve which is ideally positioned to stimulate the male prostate in particular

A total of 5 inches in length, and graduating sized beads of 2.5 inches to 3.5 inches.


  • Material: Silicone
  • Colour: Blue
  • Increasingly sized beads

2 reviews for Tri-Orb Anal Beads

  1. Adam (verified owner)

    The Tri Orb anal bead is absolutely fantastic, with three different sizes of beads it means that you can alter the amount of pleasure that you like depending on your needs, this is a must buy product in my eyes as it is so versatile.

    • Beth

      Glad to know you like the Tri Orb Adam, it is a very popular product right now, we’re looking to expand our range into similar Anal beads soon so keep your eyes pealed! :p

  2. Dereck (verified owner)

    If i’m being perfectly honest, im not known for being a long laster in the bedroom lol, when having sex with a partner i often struggle to make the session last. Now being a single man i decided to take it upon myself to try and better my bedroom game. After scrolling through a lot of forums and reviews i gathered that male anal toys can go a long way in helping to last longer, i was skeptical but thought why not lol.
    With the tri-orb, i was able to reach a point in masturbation where i was on the verge of cumming, but was able to hold this feeling for a good 20 minutes. I can honeslty say that the masturbation with the beads is the best ever. Remaining on the verge of cumming for a longer time it strengthens the keegle muscle?? if thats what its called, heard that on the internet too lol.
    I havnt yet inserted the whole kit, i feel abit scared to do it lol. All in all this is a great little thing, the feel and size of it is perfect to ahcieve a prostate orgasm, with a bit of lube on it, this is the smoothest thing on the planet! The anchor handle offers great safety and is easy to hold and grip. Aswell as the beads, i also bought a stamina training unit by fleshlight, using them in conjunction with each other is the most unbelievable experience, so much so that i now feel that i am ready to last the distance in a real sex situation. Thanks an absolute ton for saving my sex life!!
    Cheers, Dez

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