1. The oldest found dildo dates back 26,000 years (23,000BC)
It was discovered in a cave in Germany, goes to show that our ancestors we’re way ahead of us when it came to sex toys!


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2. Unlike most other products, sex toys benefit from economic recessions and sales actually go up. People also buy more sex toys around Valentine’s Day and sales for bondage and S&M kits skyrocketed after the release of 50 shades of grey.

3. The market for vibrators is double the market for condoms.

4. Vibrators were originally invented to cure female hysteria (depression, headaches, fatigue and even unexplained wetness between the legs)
At first doctors had to manually massage the females down below till orgasm until the invention of an automated steam powered device to assist and this was known as the cure for the hysteria.
Before the invention, it wasn’t too long until the doctors started complaining about wrist and hand pain hence the birth of the first vibrator, which weighed 40 pounds and took two people to operate, not including the recipient.

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5. Around 200-300AD the most popular method of penis enlargement was to rub wasp stingers up and down your manhood. Sure it would create swelling which should add an inch or so, but what goods that when it must hurt like no other.

6. Sex toys are for everyone, not just single people. 78% of women who use sex toys report to be in a relationship.

7. For some women sex toys aren’t just for fun, there needed. In fact, one study shows that a whopping 75% of women do not orgasm during sex without a toy for that bit of extra help. This study also showed that 10-15% of women never achieve orgasm at all. It’s believed that sex toys can change that and help women who suffer like this.

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8. Female orgasms are healthy. Orgasms are great treatment for stress and depression not only that but they help reduce the risk of breast cancer in both men and women and can even help combat the common cold! It seems that not only does it feel amazing, it has some real benefits to your health too.

9. The rabbit vibrator originates from Japan as it wasn’t legal to create sex toys in the shape of actual penises but was just fine to create them in the shape of an animal.

10. Women who used vibrators scored higher on the Female Sexual Function Index scale. Not only this but women who are sexually active with their toys are healthier down below as they are more lightly to visit a gynaecologist than those who don’t use sex toys!

Signed by Beth