Doc Wiseman’s Red Silicone Large Size Butt Plug

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The larger of our red Silicone based butt plug range (41mm diameter). Doc Wiseman promises to provide more stretch, penetration, sensation and intensity than his counterparts

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Doc Wiseman promises to go further, reach further and stretch you more.

The contours and design of the Doc Wiseman make your using a larger size butt plug as safe as possible. Every curve was carefully crafted with your comfort in mind without compromising on the pleasure in the slightest.

For a lady, choosing a large size butt plug means you will have a tighter vagina for intercourse while at the same time feeling the stimulation of using a butt plug amplified.

For the gentlemen, Doc Wiseman delivers everything you would expect from the extra size.

This accessory to your love life will really add a new dimension to your play and the gemstone is not only aesthetically pleasing, it adds support to the stopper section for your safety.

Use plenty of water based lubricant for easy insertion.



Diameter: 41mm
Length: 95mm
Net weight: 150G

2 reviews for Doc Wiseman’s Red Silicone Large Size Butt Plug

  1. Hope (verified owner)

    Size is exactly what i wanted, feels amazing when its all the way in and the silicone is terrific stops me feeling like im forcing myself to take the whole plug. Only problem is the diamonds at the bottom arent glued to the plug the plug sort of just holds them in place instead, doesn’t bother me much but wasn’t aware of this.

  2. henry (verified owner)

    I do like even bigger usually inside me but this did fit snugly i was really impressed by its silicone feel that slides nicely when lubed up properly will definitely be using this frequently but will be keeping an eye out for an even bigger plug.

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