Tenga Rolling Head Cup – White (Fleshlight)

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TENGA flexible masturbator cup featuring powerball tip for maximum pleasure.

A pre-lubricated, single use cup with flexible casing.

  • Colour: White
  • Product size:155 x 60mm
  • Net weight:107g

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This flexible male masturbator cup will be sure to blow you away! A Japanese innovative design, TENGA is one of the best-selling male toy brands on the market today. The soft and pliable internal core gives the ultimate satisfaction, with the added assortment of ribbed and knobbly textures. It features a rolling ‘power ball’ at the top, delivering intense stimulation to the tip of your penis.

The flexible casing allows it to be manipulated back, forth and side to side taking you on a mind blowing 360 degree journey from start to finish! The TENGA Rolling Head Cup has a 5.5 inch internal sleeve made from TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) giving it a soft and squidgy feel. The rubbery material is moulded into an exquisite combination of bobbles, ripples and nodules delivering an ultimate pleasure-giving sensation. It has a hole at the top enabling you to control the vacuum by covering it with your finger.

The Rolling Head Cup is designed as a single use product (however using it with a condom will give you extended playtime with your toy) This model is also pre-lubricated, so just open the box and you’re good to go!


Manual control (no batteries required)
Product size: 155mm x 60mm
Net weight: 107g


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4 reviews for Tenga Rolling Head Cup – White (Fleshlight)

  1. adam (verified owner)

    the tenga rolling head cup was worth the buy supposedly only one use but can use multiple times has to be washed out with every use feels almost as good as have a real pussy lol this is good buy for people who are single with sexual tension between themselves.

    • Beth

      We do recommend one use from the Tenga rolling head cups but if you find you can happily re-use then good for you, glad it helped your sexual tension.

  2. adam (verified owner)

    Used this a few times now and its still going strong. Really good value for money thanks Pure Velvet

  3. tiger (verified owner)

    I only used it once it came pretty much ready to fuck and oh boy it delivered could tell its premium for the price of 1 bang but i have no regrets will probably buy a few next time to use when im really horny.

  4. Tim Cahill (verified owner)

    Bought this to use as an emergency toy for when my fleshlight was off the road lol, so when i was cleaning and drying my fleshlight i could use this toy, and it did everything i wanted it to do. It says single use, but i pushed my luck with it a bit, i used a condom on my first use and the toy remained fresh and ready to go, it had dried out a little when i went to use it a second time so i just put a little drop of lube on it and it was ready again. On the second time i didn’t use a condom but kept the toy clean, thus making it viable for another go, so all in all, a great product that is so flexible, you can drill this toy in any position you want without it becoming uncomfortable, already lubricated so its as ready as can be all the time! What more can you ask for?

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