‘Heaven’ Contemporary Range Vibrator/Dildo

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This high quality vibrator features a 10 mode vibration pattern, allowing you to adjust it to your own preference.
It is USB rechargeable, showerproof and is made from silicone which is silky soft to the touch.

It is ergonomically designed to give you maximum pleasure, and due to its concealed charging port, this device can even be used in the shower.


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Heaven – Vibrator/Dildo


The Heaven vibrator is great for bedtime fun! It has a sleek curved structure with subtle ridges for increased sensation.

Featuring 10 modes of vibration, ensuring your complete satisfaction and mind-blowing orgasms.

This vibrator is also USB rechargeable for your convenience, with simple power button and speed adjustment.

Heaven is also waterproof so you are free to enjoy yourself anywhere.


• 10 mode vibration pattern
• USB rechargeable
• Low noise
• Showerproof
• Colour: Rose red

2 reviews for ‘Heaven’ Contemporary Range Vibrator/Dildo

  1. Gelato Mistress (verified owner)

    I bought this vibrator last week as my current toy was old and faulty after one too many messy sessions lol. Anyway, i was after something a bit different, with my previous vibe being smaller and more of a clit stim toy. When i saw this toy i thought straight away that it fit the bill, the toy has a bit more size to it which i needed, as penetration wasn’t really doable with my previous vibe. This particular vibrator is shaped and curved perfectly to nail the G-spot with ease, its wide girth and length mean that this toy (dare i say it) feel just like, if not better than a real penis, even without the vibrations lol. If i’m honest, i don’t use the vibrations all that much, as they can get a little intense when going for a G-spot orgasm. Also, the hubby loves this toy, he has absolutely no trouble in using this on me and knows what i love from a toy. Although this next feature isn’t a big deal for me, it could be useful for someone else, that is that the vibrator is pretty quiet when the vibrations kick in, like i said, doesn’t really matter for me and the hubby as we live alone. The toy comes in a lovely little box that just makes everything a little bit more sexy lol! One thing that my previous toy was lacking was a nice, textured shaft, this is exactly what i got with this vibe, the toy is ribbed and contoured which makes the toy extremely pleasurable even without the vibrations. The skin like feel to it adds comfort whilst being easy to maintain and clean, the toy is completely waterproof which is pretty much expected. The USB recharging feature is a god send as literally every electrical appliance in my house has a USB port lol. Anyway, great toy well worth the buy!! my fave toy from now on

  2. Funky Dory (verified owner)

    The Heaven is an amazing vibe, im into vibrators that can hit my G-Spot and the heaven does that so well it curves perfectly inside me 🙂 I adore all its modes and settings, had this vibe a few days and still not even nearly taken it to its limits im very happy with this purchase, thanks.

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