Vibrating Prostate Massager

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This prostate massager is designed with the sole purpose of finding the male G spot, and giving you amazing satisfaction. Add vibration to give yourself the ultimate experience!

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This vibrating prostate massager is a perfect device for the curious and experienced alike looking for an upgrade.

Use plenty of lubrication for comfortable insertion.

Accurately curved to massage the prostate and intensify your orgasms. A firm construction with nodules conveniently placed to stimulate the perineum (the bit between the scrotum and anus)

Included within the device is a bullet vibrator to give maximum pleasure sensations during play.

Simple push button operation to switch the device on and off.

Easy to clean with soap and water


Size: 34mm×118mm
Internal bullet vibrator

5 reviews for Vibrating Prostate Massager

  1. Shaun Williams (verified owner)

    First time using one and it took some getting used to so no other one to compare to but after two or three goes it really does work! The material seems to be coaTED in a non stick thing (maybe teflon) which makes keeping it like new really easy.

    • Beth

      Happy to hear you gave it a try Shaun, even happier that you liked it! We make sure all our prostate massagers/butt plugs are easy to clean and none stick 🙂

  2. adam (verified owner)

    never used one of these before took me a few minutes to understand how it works but once its up and running this massager is a machine it delievers full satisfaction to me anybody out there who is looking for one this is the product to buy highly recommend this product

    • Beth

      Glad to know you’re happy Adam, i bet you didn’t know what you was missing out on till now!

  3. Handy Andy (verified owner)

    I am a married guy who got this because my darling wife said it would be fun! When I first got this I almost gave up with the thing.
    Could not get any pleasure from it at all. Wrote in the forum asking for some support and a guy called Tom from Pure Velvet replied. The advice was perfect and he was right in saying that it was just too different for me to use straight away. You can see the advice in the forum under help and support still I think. They even made me a diagram to help me find it.
    Right now this prostate massager is the fav thing in the entire house and I have done a total U turn in how I see it.
    The feeling of cumming with prostate stimulation is that it is a lot longer lasting with waves. My wife says it sounds like how females feel when they orgasm.
    Hetrosexual guys- this does work but it is just so different to usual sex that you will feel strange at first but get used to it on your own first before doing it with company. Cannot say enough good things about this company. Never seen customer service like it. 5***** all the way.

  4. adam (verified owner)

    Once you get over the strangeness it really does work, Had this for over a month now and it is something I use most of the time. It is quite different to the feeling of normal masturbation and the orgasms are incredibly enhanced. Just takes time to find the prostate but once you get the hang of it it is quite easy. I dont know why the prostate is burried so deep! Cruel mother nature. I had to spend £24.99 to find mine.

  5. Paul (verified owner)

    Love to keep this in for a while and cum with no hands a++

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